Wednesday, November 1, 2017

A magical Halloween!

Switching it around this year,
The kids wanted to pick their own gear 🙁
I found myself on my own,
Between Ironman and Unicorn
What to do, what to be?
Maybe a Woodland Faery??
Thru the woods I will flitter and fly,
With my magical unicorn at my side.
Best friends we will be, forever and more
And if we should get into trouble -
Ironman will be our HERO for sure,
And get there on the double!?

It was a busy day rushing from work to pick up both kids, home to eat and then rushing over to our friends to go trick or treating. But it's so much fun to go with a group, rather than alone.


This year was a little wet and colder than the past few years, but we managed to last about an hour and a half - which was more than enough candy collected!! The kids had a blast and Skye was really into the spooky decorations - got right up close and inspected the glowing eyes and gruesome details - LOL. Wasn't scared at all. The funniest was this spider video!

More Halloween fun - Skye had her FIRST dance at school the Friday before Halloween. They had a DJ and lots of fun games. The kids had SO much fun running around and screaming and chasing each other
(hence the blurry photos)!
 Mostly the girls running away from Ironman...poor Rhys.

It was complete chaos. I'm really shocked that no one came home from and "crash" wounds - there were some very close calls! They got to dress up as well if they wanted to. Skye wore her other unicorn "costume" (all about unicorns this year...)
I thought the most hilarious part was the DJ playing lots of songs from OUR school dances 30 years ago!! Funky town! and a remix of Sweet Caroline!

Dino & I also joined friends, for our 2nd Annual Halloween fun night!
We went to the same pub as last year - Windsor Rose in Walden.
Even though there were only a dozen of us (with or without costume),
we still had a super fun time and a good visit (and of course some well needed beverages!).
Hoping to keep up the tradition for next year - so here is your warning -
you have a whole year to work on a costume for then ;-)

Here were our pumpkins for the this Halloween - choosing to paint rather than carve. Sooo much easier for now!
And a few random fun snapchat pics! 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Rhys is 3!

Our Rhysee Piece is 3 already!

 He may be 3, may be the size of a 4 year old and as heavy as his sister,
but he is still my snuggly baby!

Rhys is:
- very playful and goofy;
- usually always smiling his big smile with his little top fangs showing thru;
- very independent and is adamant about doing almost everything himself (getting dressed, making
  his own cereal or breakfast, doing up his own jacket, cutting up his food);
- the best snuggler ever;
- still liking his afternoon naps (me too!);
- in heaven when he is being carried around in my arms or snuggling up to us in bed;
- loving to have his back scratched every night at bedtime;
- still twirling his abundant amount of curly hair;
- loving to be outside as much as his sister;
- getting more daring with jumping, riding his scooter, etc as each day goes by;
- talking non-stop and comes up with the funniest conversations. He likes to make jokes a lot;
- a sweet little boy/brother and does lots of nice things for his family;
- a clean freak like his dad - LOL. He likes to vacuum, clean and wipe the table and floors. Perfect!

We also celebrated Rhys' birthday on his birthdate this year, a Saturday.

Grandpa came to the city to celebrate as well!

So Saturday morning, Grandpa, the kids & I (Dino was in bed with a migraine)
went out for a yummy breakfast and then to Butterfield Acres Farm.

We got to see lots of animals, big and small, and even got to have a
pony ride and a tractor/wagon ride.
I think the kids liked the little chicks the best!


We also participated in the Easter egg hunt since it was close to Easter.
We had lots of fun hunting for the eggs amongst the trees, but when Rhys & I couldn't find that many, it was made clear why soon enough -
Grandpa & Skye had a WHOLE basket full.
They were sure quick like bunnies when it came to finding those eggs!!
Then the kids got to put them down the chutes to go to the Easter Bunny's factory as they yelled "eggs coming!!" so he wouldn't get bopped on the head. 



 We saw the Easter Bunny later on around the farm, but Rhys was keeping his distance!

Skye was happy to sit by him though and get a picture.
She tried to convince her brother that the Easter Bunny was friendly! LOL



After our farm adventure, the kids had a quick nap on the ride home, in order to gain some energy for the rest of the celebration.
Dino's family came over for dinner and ice cream cake!
Rhys got spoiled with a cool storm trooper costume and lots of new emergency vehicles to play with - he even said "I SOOOO happy!"